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This I Know

Even in the darkness, she knew what was best

By Crystal RaePublished about a year ago 1 min read
This I Know
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Her mind was confused and yet clear as could be

It was always him and yet he couldn't see

How many years would it take

For him to understand that her love wasn't fake

It was him and only him that she ever desired

Proving that had her extremely tired

What did the next steps look like

What would come the next time around

Would he understand what he meant... would he feel profound

The clock on the wall feels like its standing still

Yet, she was here by her own free will

So much time had passed and it was always he she wanted

He had no clue the fire inside of her that he had started

She reminded him as much as she could

If only he would have truly understood

It was him

Always from the very start

The one that truly owned her heart

As the moon began to rise into its moment in the sky

She smiled knowing she would forever try

Whether he knew it or not...

He would be the one she forever only sought!

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About the Creator

Crystal Rae

My heart bleeds black and white for you to read like an open book... so don't be shy... take a look!

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    Crystal RaeWritten by Crystal Rae

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