Rational vs Emotional


Thinking can be emotional,

Thinking can be rational,

Emotional thinking makes you weak,

Rational thinking makes you strong,

Rational thinking makes you realize the truth,

Emotional thinking makes you live in fallacy,

Rational thinking makes you roar like a lion,

Emotional thinking makes you coward,

Rational thinking teaches you detachment,

Emotional thinking teaches you attachment,

Thoughts trouble you all the time,

Rational thinking helps you differentiate between things not so fine,

But a stitch in time saves nine,

Fighters never give up fighting,

Stones clash and create lighting,

Happiness and sadness are part of life,

But there is a rhythm divine is that all you need,

To fight till the end of your last breath,

Never, Never, Never Give Up.

Freedom to be with ♥️

Love Thyself

surreal poetry
Shweta  Sharma Devgan
Shweta Sharma Devgan
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