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They call me Mr. Green

by Cullen Hoggan about a year ago in performance poetry
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Who I am through color

I feel I embody green, good and bad, nice and mean. Honest but always with a scheme in mind, sweet as a pear, and sour like a lime. And just like fruit, I never have enough time, that's why I only ever talk about my problems through rhyme.

I feel both at peace with, and threatened by nature. A kindred spirit and deadly creature, although its greatest is the wonder inside it.

While I envy others for their fiery passion, or cool demeanor. I will always prefer my special brand of action and vibrancy, it's better cleaner.

I strive to not be mean, to do good through my schemes, and live up to the name "Mr. Green".

performance poetry

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Cullen Hoggan

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