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Can I just be a metaphor?

by Cullen Hoggan about a year ago in surreal poetry
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A desire for an out of body experience.

I'd rather not be physical anymore, I don't want to die, I just don't want a core.

I don't want a presence, just let my spirit soar,

I don't want to be restricted to the floor.

I want to be an idea, I want to be a concept.

Because metaphors don't worry about feeling inept.

I can still be very in depth, even without the burdens of life and death.

Let me represent something more than what I am now.

I just need your consent, to rise above the moniker of clown.

With validation I won't need to self deprecate,

Though with trepidation I fear my feelings you'd never reciprocate.

In my imagination my life to you I'd dedicate,

With awful realization, I see this is simply me trying to self medicate.

But ideas need no approval so I hide like I've never hid before,

Let me just be a topic, let me be a metaphor.

surreal poetry

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Cullen Hoggan

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