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There is no one anywhere.

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By Aranna Hasan Delwar Published about a month ago 1 min read

There is no one anywhere.

_____By Aranna Hasan Delwar.

I have passed a long time when I know myself.

Life moves at the speed of a turtle

Sometimes moving at the speed of a rabbit.

No more speed today

No specific destination.

Now we have to wait for the call.

Looking back today is regrettable

What a colorful life I had

I could easily decorate and arrange it.

Fall into the trap of negligence and irregularities

Wasted precious time.

I used the energy of youth in vain

I thought time was my slave

But time is not controlled by anyone, it moves like it.

I wandered in the kingdom of sin

I have been disillusioned with Satan's worship again and again.

I was addicted to climbing the mountain of wealth

I wanted to understand relatives

Economic ability.

Demonic delight in usurping the rights of others

I felt

I used to think of power as God

Image of hundreds of people's greetings and fearful faces

When I could see in front of my eyes

He felt like a king with great pride.

Today when in this small room of eight feet by eight feet

I live in solitude

When his own son and daughter are busy

runs away

Then there is a lot of regret and regret

Everest of this money is useful?

Where are those hundreds of people today?

Time is running out, waiting for the call

Empty empty I have nothing more today

No one, no one anywhere.

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Aranna Hasan Delwar


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