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Karma, not religion, is the great identity of man

By Aranna Hasan Delwar Published about a month ago 1 min read


______By Aranna Hasan Delwar.

It was not night, it was hot afternoon.

The girl was returning from school, how old will she be? Bar is thirteen?

A few young men were sitting on the side of the road. Two of them also had hats on their heads.

After seeing the girl, their inner masculinity awakened

They forcibly took the girl to a secluded place nearby.

Then the girl brutally tortured him in spite of hundreds of pleas,

Then the girl was killed by hitting her on the head.

Then the body was burnt to hide his identity.

What was the girl's crime?

Is it a crime to wear school clothes?

Is it a crime to return home after school holidays?

Or is the girl's age the girl's crime?

What comes with the name? What can be identified by name?

The boys were all Muslims!

The girl was also a Muslim!

No one is human by religion.

Being human requires humanity.

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Aranna Hasan Delwar


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