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by Alex Barry 14 days ago in sad poetry

A Poem

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

Hey, there you are

Eyes burning like night time stars

News you told me, hit like a car

Now you say, this a new start?


Hey, there you are

You’re too fucking late

Fill you with tears from a far

something like that, but I can relate


Go ahead and be alone

We could have made a home

This pain will be all yours

you left and that hope tore


Could have been yours

You go ahead, stay scorned

But You still wanted more

Because that is what I am for


What did I fucking do?

Land on my fucking sword

be alone, be blind, I can still see

My hopes tied to his misery


Land on that fucking grenade

Planned it out, got it all paid

But ya right, it’s not our home

Guess I just need to be alone


I am the monster of this tale

There’s a wall I need to scale

Shouldn’t have given a care

You two happy, I won’t stare


You know I’m Built to suffer

To be your pretend lover

that’s Why I was born

Because That is what I am for


Everything made, gonna fade

Natural state of things, decay

when it feels like it will stay

It will collapse and melt away


Everything said, every word

Might as well be a fucking curse

did I make things even worse?

Told you, don’t get close, it hurts


No one told you? Did it ruin you?

now you’re broken, bloody and blue

Who told me? Can’t tell whats real

I’m the reason why? That true?


Twist and turn, hope it burns

onto the next, see how this hurts

Like me, easy to see

if she stays or leaves


Well it may be absurd

I can show where it hurts

I want to be your wreck

Think there’s a hole in my chest


I might be scaring you away

But I make the best of every day

Believe there are ways I can leave

That’s at least what you told me


But It may be in all my head

I might actually be dead

I look around, and it’s a pitch

Wouldnt that be rich?


I’ll be your broken soul

I’ll be your taken cold

I’ll be your sullen look

I’ll be that child shook


I’ll be whatever you say

I’ll be your throw away

I’ll gather all the dust

I’ll be the lord of rust

sad poetry
Alex Barry
Alex Barry
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Alex Barry
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