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Thelma Sidestory

We grow, we change, we do some damage

By FIFEPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Thelma Sidestory
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My friend, I’d chase after

youthful energetic overemotion



  • but I go sideways,

    bypass completely

    So I try

    just to try

    and gain the criticism: “It’s not up

    to you;

    it’s not your responsibility.”

    And they say, forget about her.

    But what kind of friend would do that sort of thing?

    While I’m young, I have

    strength that is

    energy that is

    power, lacking influence

    And I am not distant

    distance is felt

    We are not unfeeling

  • We feel everything, like

    how the cells in tissues slow

    and stagnate and we shrink

    our skeletons splinter and

    our capillaries are too thin

    Underneath the ribcage

    avoided it last-second-like and it could’ve killed me

    reflexes protect what exactly…?

    The promise of a youthtime, I pull the soft emotions

    out of the beams in her body

    the deadly-weaponed springtime

    of life

    The friend I understood has grown mysterious

    her thoughts are oblique shadows cast against

    and obscuring our shared past

    But, forget about her…?

    While I’m young, nothing will ‘destroy’ me

    But I age and

    I expire, with

    a festering, unhealed



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    The written word is everything. I love to read, and I love to write - primarily fiction and poetry, but I'm also psyched to learn about pretty much any topic and to share my expertise in music and music business.

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