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The Wizard Of Odd

Dorthy, The Original: Smooth Operator

By Kelli Sheckler-AmsdenPublished 16 days ago Updated 16 days ago 1 min read
The Wizard Of Odd
Photo by Michael Brodzik on Unsplash

Disturbing - flying monkeys

and witches on fire

A heartless, oil-can junkie

and brainless scarecrow, for hire

A lion, with no courage

transporting through time

Tornados, on the rampage

where locals stand, knee-high

Territorial sisters

one evil one good

Sparkly ruby, red slippers

to escape from, the hood

A dream of a lifetime

with characters, too familiar

Crossing imaginational, blurred lines

strolling brick roads, by the river

A lost child, missing her auntie

tapping her new shoes, three times

A smooth-talking wizard

making this crew, walk the line

Demanding salvation

from the rule of the land

To return her to Kansas

deliver his demands

Burn up her broomstick

dissolve her into a puddle

Keep that dog on a leash

before he gets into trouble

Balloons, out of control

nightmares as close as, Elm St

Collected, gazing, round her bed

from the oddest of dreams


Proving once and for all, there is no place like home

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Kelli Sheckler-Amsden

Telling stories my heart needs to tell <3 life is a journey, not a competition

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  • J. S. Wade16 days ago

    Love wizard of Oz. Smooth talking wizard? Haha love it

  • Mark Graham16 days ago

    Quite the view of The Wizard of Oz. I have read this novel many times and there are many lessons one can learn.

  • Hahahahhahaha this made me chuckle. I loved it!

  • Naveed16 days ago

    Super!!! Excellent ❤️❤️

  • Our son's favorite. And yes, he enjoyed being odd & out there.

  • Babs Iverson16 days ago

    Fantastic!!! Love it!!!💕❤️❤️

  • Mother Combs16 days ago


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