The Web

by Julie Murrow about a year ago in sad poetry


The Web

The Web

Multitudes of platitudes flowing through the veins of the internet,

An endless effort to find happiness in vain but still we don’t get

That the inviting, insidious internet is only the place

For a fruitless search for sustenance that the human race

Is seeking from the tree of knowledge that is the World Wide Web.

Satisfaction from interaction offered by an unseen benefactor,

Exhilaration exuded by faceless consumers feeding the users

Of all of us who promise us nutrition but leave us only contrition

That we lap up each day and will spew out each night

Not seeing we’re losing the fight against the World Wide Web.

JAM 11/06/2017

sad poetry
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Julie Murrow

As an avid reader, writer and pianist I am fortunate to have been able to write and publish books for children, books on history, poetry & art and personalised books with gifts. I live with my grown-up son, by the sea, where I grew up.

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