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The Wall

by Mr. Jax 3 months ago in surreal poetry
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The Wall
Photo by Joe Woods on Unsplash

Walls covered in white

Built upon the cries of a thousand nights

Can be pure till what meets the eye

Deep down even the hatred, she deny

Beneath the walls hides the muffled voice

Stating she didn't have a choice

Times sometimes miss the days of her bliss

Her sleeves are wet from the tears diss.

Cause she trusted and wasted, her life billed

She was shunned and deep down in her heart they killed

Hence she built the walls to show them their place

She left cause all the two faced wandered her maze,

Whether it's in despair or fair, can one dare

Will the flower again bloom cause the land is now bare

The wall built can it crumble, can she have faith in love

She still hope that someone would make her heart cove.


surreal poetry

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Mr. Jax

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