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The Village Under the Willow

by Dany Jean-Pierre 2 months ago in art / nature poetry
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It was real to me

When we first moved in They called her a weeping willow

My momma laughed at them shaking her head

With a bless your heart and a goodbye tray of goodies

She bid them goodbye, eager to tell me all about our fun new tree

Her belly swollen with my baby sister

Her smile wide as she took me outside for our story time

She told me about the fairy villages that made their homes under trees

Gestured to the floral, pointing out the little creatures disguised within

My momma, a being of creation, pointed out the beings of our imagination

The village became real

There it was like no one could touch me

All worldly exploits and sorrows were gone

It was calm

Fairy friends guided me through my hardest moment of childhood

The moments where everything was too much were moments

Nothing could hurt me in the village under the willow tree

In a way it was my mother's greatest gift to me

She gave me a world I could always create

Showed me how creation was in my nature

Imagination would be my tool for this life

As I grew it was my words that brought my peace and pain to life

My stories of worlds unknown became a way to explore my life

Even in newly worded worlds built vastly different from my first

I will never forget the borough under the boughs

The fairy creatures hiding under creeping ivy and wildflowers

My mother, a woman of conception, and I, a being of creation

Our piece of peace, the town of fairies and magical friends

That willow tree will always be my comfort place

artnature poetry

About the author

Dany Jean-Pierre

I started with libraries and now I’m trying to fill one with all of my own works.

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