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The Veil Between Us

by River Gilliam 8 months ago in surreal poetry


The Veil Between Us
Photo by miro polca on Unsplash

Let no man

Look up to the sky

With hope

When rivers run dry

And rain turns to ash

When blood flows black

And veins grow cold


Let no hands

Reach up through the soil

Of cemetery gates

The dawn spreads across

The horizon

And I’ll be calm


Hell will weep for you

Fire will weep for you

Stones will weep

They will weep for you

Copper will weep

Sulfur will weep

Iron will weep

All of the metals

Will weep


If there was ever a soul

That could damn the living

And bless the dead

It was you

It is you


Hell hath no fury

Like the wrath you leave me with


By the veil between us

surreal poetry

About the author

River Gilliam

My dad always said he knew I was going to be a poet because I was crying before I had even completely left the womb. It’s always been my dream to get published someday.

She/her. Cosmetologist. Writer. Vegan. Dog mom.

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