The Unguided Missile

My Third Attempt at Slam Poetry

The Unguided Missile

The rocket, the missile

Launched from the base

Its intentions unclear

Blasting high into the sky

Towards a great unknown

It can save those in peril

It could destroy all in its path

But we do not know

For its target is random, unguided

Where will it go

Where will it land

Will it strike with vibrance

Or detonate in mid-air, so bland

Do we blame the ones in the control center

Launching such power into the world with no target or direction

How our society can relate to this missile

So many with potential, so many with purpose

The capability to do wondrous things

Yet, they leave the nest

No target in mind, unguided

Are we, the ones in control to blame

Launching unguided souls into the world with no target

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