The Monsters That Draw Near

My Second Attempt at Slam Poetry

The Monsters That Draw Near

The beasts walk down the path

Seemingly unwavered, unopposed

All those who attempt to stand in their path crumble to the ground

But hark! Hear the heroes come forth

They stand their ground, leaving their fear behind

How they know that must fight or take flight

The beast draws near, leaving a shadowy trail in its wake

The heroes prepare, oh! how there is tension in the air

How many have fallen, how few do remain

The night comes and goes, and the struggle goes on

How the fatigue from battle begins to set in

But that will not deter those that carry on the fight

For they know that evil shall not win

The light of day shines bright, and the heroes make their stand

The beast continue to hack and slash but to no avail

They are no match for those who answer the call

But lo! There are more beasts coming nigh

Is it the end for the heroes?

Has their last stand been for naught?

But lo! The trumpets play loudly, and in the distance can be seen

More heroes heroically charging to the scene

They have heard the cries, they have felt the emotion

And now they too come to make their stand

The beasts fight hard

The heroes even harder

The battle wages on with no end in sight

Many will rise, many will fall

And with hope and strength the heroes will be able

To outlast it all

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