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The Unexpected Hero

So judge not heroes by their size, For courage gleams in different eyes.

By bishnu prasadPublished 4 months ago β€’ 1 min read
The Unexpected Hero
Photo by Matheus Oliveira on Unsplash

A timid mouse, in shadows hid, Watched giants stomp, their laughter skid. A bully king, with booming voice, Taunting a kitten, tiny choice.


The mouse, no knight in shining fur, Yet courage bloomed, a gentle stir. He squeaked, a sound barely heard, But the king paused, attention stirred.

The kitten, brave but cornered tight, Saw hope ignite in moonlit night. The mouse, a blur, a fearless dash, Nipped the king's heel, a daring flash.


Chaos erupted, giants bumbling, Kitten escaped, fear crumbling. The tiny hero, safe and sound, Had turned the tide, on bravery's ground.


So judge not heroes by their size, For courage gleams in different eyes. A whiskered friend, a heart so bold, The king was humbled, story told.

The giants roared, their anger hot,

The mouse, once bold, began to blot.

But then, a ripple through the crowd,

A whisper spread, voices unbowed.

"A tiny hero, what a sight!"

They cheered, their laughter tinged with light.

The king, embarrassed, lost his might,

His reign of terror took to flight.


The mouse, now lauded, fur held high,

With kitten friend, beneath the sky.

A message clear, for all to see,

True courage hides where it can't be.


So, let this tale a lesson bring,

Of small deeds making giants sing.

For power shifts, when hearts unite,

Against the wrong, even mice take flight.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    This was fantastic! Loved your story and poem!

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