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The Ultimate Sin

a poem

By K.B. Silver Published 2 months ago 1 min read
The Ultimate Sin
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Spit them calmly in my eyes.

Spill them purposely on the floor.

Leave them in the sun to spoil.

Loan them out on compounding interest,

withholding from the poor.

Stow them in the attic packed up, under a sheet in the corner.

Steal them from the grocery store in a secret pocket

only checking once out the door.

Whisper them to God with full confidence and pride.

Write them into law striking down those you dislike.

Paint them into masterpieces making life what you desire.

Pluck them from a chicken’s craw, throw them down, stomp it out.

Line them up on the window sill shoot them with your BB gun, like that songbird you took out last spring.

List them in your diary, scented, locked, and powder blue.

The ultimate sin, not the deception, no matter how blatantly said.

Rule number one: never break the quiet game.

To point it out, tsk tsk, how unladylike of you.

K.B. Silver

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About the Creator

K.B. Silver

Writing to sort the trapped ideas, and unsaid words left inside my mind. My brand is BlockWife. I am reselling, writing, and creating content on multiple platforms, check me out on link tree https://linktr.ee/blockwife

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