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The Totem

Strange That it Happened Twice

By Brooke FarrarPublished 29 days ago 1 min read
The Totem
Photo by Agto Nugroho on Unsplash

An owl flew into my car when I was driving home


It was dark, and I was surprised.

It was only a graze (I think that helped),

and I lost him in my rear view mirror

(but not in the road, thank goodness).

I tried to decipher what it meant

as the jeep next to me drove faster

to make it through the yellow light.

I couldn't think of anything.

Yet when I got home the internet informed me,

(in a strange twist of irony),

that the owl symbolizes night vision and


Find more comfort in the liminal spaces, they say.

(I don't know who they are - experts on such things perhaps).

I'm not sure about that.

All I know is that it makes me remember the time

when a different bird flew into the side

of my car.

A crow, too busy having fun to realize it's proximity

to the road.

What a strange coincidence to be hit by birds, and not

the other way around.

As if I'm the spiritual guide,

sent to remind the various fowl

of the dangers of not paying attention to

their inner eye.

And it's strange that it happened twice.

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About the Creator

Brooke Farrar

Inspired by Lemony Snicket, who kindled a flame in my childish mind, and I am constantly in awe of Douglas Adams' ability to gather seemingly ordinary words into a confusing bouquet of inspiration and hilarity.

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