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the sublime


By Rachel HehlPublished about a month ago 1 min read

shall I compare you to a thunderstorm?

burning bright, your lightning strikes

forever and never in the same place twice

quicksilver smile flashed before you go down

in the glow of the TV screen, your tongue like mercury

air shivering with electricity, built between two

bodies shimmering, sweat wet on bedsheets

and collected in collarbones, glistening on shared skin.

in these moments, you live in me like thunder. I breathe you.

this love is like standing on the glossy lip of the void

screaming into eternity, the forbidden knowledge that

we each have equal power to compel and to destroy.

the way we are is wondrous and terrifying.

it will never be like this again.

that is the nature of lightning.

these are the eyes of the storm, glittering green as dragonflies.

this is the mouth of the ravine, curving and wicked and far too tempting.

you run your fingertips over my lips and I open for you like a nightflower.

we bloom in the dark.

love poems

About the Creator

Rachel Hehl

I like to write glittery things.


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