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The Slug

A Poem

By Amber MPublished 7 years ago 1 min read
Photo credit Amkieffer(instagram) Amber M. K. (Eyeem)

The Slug

Slime, sliding, sludge-like; words that all describe a slug

Yet, that is how it feels,

How it seems to be in this mental hole

And yet again, in reality,

It is going by decently fast

It will be over soon enough

This will surpass, sooner than I think

With no trace, except a clear substance

Just a slim trail of almost nothing,

That will remain for an even shorter amount of time

On the surface that was touched only for moment,

On my brain, on my heart; the surfaces affected by this trail of slime

The surfaces that matter most, will be affected most

By this ghost-like ressemblance of a slug, by the memory of it

By the slug, by you, you are the slug

You selfish creature, you slug; needing nothing but yourself, caring only about your needs and desires

nature poetry

About the Creator

Amber M

I am a stay at home mom, but I am always doing something creative and artistic. I am a freelance photographer and artist, but I decided it is time to give my writing a turn.

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