The Siren Call

Do not dwell.

The Siren Call

Allow your mind wander to the things that hurt, to your meandering river of melancholy thoughts.

Let it wash over you and make you clean and new,

But do not swim for long...

Do not let it drift you to deeper waters — to that vast, seemingly depthless ocean.

Do not let your gentle fingers become shriveled from soaking in it for far too long.

Or you, lovely one, will become a siren: whom waits in the deep to drag others down with her.

But come up from that river and breath fresh air,

There my hand will be waiting to pull you out.

We can lie in the grass, looking up at the stars.

But do not stare for too long...

For the galaxy of your mind is a far greater frontier to explore.

performance poetry
Elizabeth Caitlin
Elizabeth Caitlin
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