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The Scarab and the Milky Way

Dumbfounded, scientists have wondered how dung beetles, symbolic of the sun's eternal cycle in Egypt, manage to find their way even in the darkest of moonless nights. Unexpected, subtle, the answer shines directly from above, from the starry road that humans have used to find their way in the dark for ages.

By Dooney PotterPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 1 min read
Runner-Up in the Uncommon Challenge
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At day's end, his load to bear,

Pushes still, the Scarab King,

Night-dark shell, his sunless wing,

Watch him wend, by starlight's stare.

Guided so by moonless skies,

Seeming blind, the beetle speeds;

Left behind, like prayer beads,

Footprints glow in straight-edged lines.

O Khepri, bringer of dawn,

Egypt's king of morning light,

What pale string or mighty sight,

Ushers Thee through shadows drawn?

Sun long lost, he keeps swift pace,

Gently shoves his precious prize,

Whilst above, like Heaven's eyes,

Stars of frost his pathway trace.

How they glide, in neat display,

Drops of light from Hathor's breast,

Gleaming bright from east to west,

The beetle's guide: the Milky Way.

nature poetry

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Dooney Potter

Visual artist, story teller, poet, engineer, and private tutor.

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  • A. Lenae7 months ago

    The pace of this poem is masterful, each line building upon the previous one in such an intentional and evolving way. My favorite line is "Left behind, like prayer beads" - what creativity and loveliness. Excellent!

  • Jon H. Davis7 months ago

    If I were the judge I would have selected you as the first place winner, In my most humble opinion, I really did enjoy your artful rendition.

  • Alfredo Correa 7 months ago

    you should have won, truly amazing

  • Loryne Andawey7 months ago

    Ah! I love how you took something so humble and elevated it into something worthy of magic and mythmaking: the scarab beetle's rightful place. It's not everyday we remember the wonder we had towards the smallest of creatures and in such elegant form too. Congratulations on placing Runner Up in the Uncommon Challenge. ❤️'d and subscribed :)

  • Sonia Heidi Unruh7 months ago

    You created a ring of poetic elegance around such a seemingly prosaic subject .... inspired wonder literally out of the dust of the earth. Thank you for this work of art!

  • Badr 8 months ago

    Nice one ☝️

  • John PotterCorey8 months ago


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