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the sad man

is a man you cannot teach.

By Jason Alan and The Quest for Eternal LifePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
the sad man
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

the sad man won't be helped,

but tries not to cry alone.

he wants the world around him

to break like he is broken.

lashing out, he cries for wisdom.

but doesn't think that it's deserved

so the sad man tries to fake it,

and doesn't know his real worth.

some things one just can't make up-

he only knows who he isn't.

even if he says he loves you,

he doesn't love himself,

the sad man is a desperate man,

only wants it to be given.

he sees it all so out of reach,

and for him it really is.

the sad man can't do better-

he's a helpless victim of himself.

because he takes what he can get,

won't look within for his needs met,

he'll never have any bit of it

because he is the sad man.

the sad man never will admit

he is a man you cannot teach.

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About the Creator

Jason Alan and The Quest for Eternal Life

i once mused an artist starved as a nomadic wonderer.

i am morbidly grandiose, emotionally.

i define my life as a literal selfSearch&Rescue Operation.

i reify the PatronSaint of Nihilism&Blasphemy.

i dance my own Tao despite who sees me do it.

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