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The Routine of Space Travel (part 2)

The Escape

By A. M. BarrettPublished 4 months ago 1 min read



The second chapter begins with a plight,

The crew captured by aliens, out of sight,

Imprisoned on their ship, with no escape,

Their fate, uncertain, with no hope of reshape.


With wits and skills combined,

They scoured the room, looking for a sign.

They discovered a weakness in the cell,

And with tools and gadgets, broke the spell.


They worked in secret, in the dead of night,

To reclaim their freedom, with all their might.

They found a hidden door, leading to the ship,

And with stealth and precision, they made their trip.


But as they made their way through the guards,

They encountered fierce resistance, with blaster barrages.

Simon, one of their own, was killed in action, while trying to escape,

His sacrifice, a heavy weight on the crew's cape.


The crew, with heavy hearts, did grieve,

For their fallen comrade, they could not relieve.

But they knew they couldn't linger in sorrow,

They pushed on, with Simon in their hearts, to borrow.


They reclaimed the ship, with a determined will,

With Simon's sacrifice, pushing them to fulfill.

Their mission, accomplished, with honor and pride,

A tale of glory, forever inscribed, a crew banded, despite the loss of one of their side.


They would always remember their fallen brother,

And honor his memory, forever and ever.

The crew of seven, now six,

Their bond stronger than ever, united and fixed.


The year is thirty thirty-four,

And the S.S. Explorer, a beast of metal and more,

Did soar through the dark, endless void,

On a mission to explore, a tale to be enjoyed.

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About the Creator

A. M. Barrett

I am a writer with a wide range of interests and experiences. My writing is characterized by a unique blend of creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

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