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The Wild Boar's Stick

A Pursuit of Healing

By A. M. BarrettPublished 4 months ago โ€ข 2 min read

A father's heart, with sorrow filled,

His daughter, ill and dying stilled,

A cure he sought, with all his might,

A quest, that would lead him to the light.

A magical stick, a wood most rare,

With power to heal, beyond compare,

Heard of it, in a tale so old,

Held in the mouth of a wild boar, bold.

Through fields and forests, he did roam,

In search of the pig, that was his goal,

Through thousands, he searched, with nary a break,

For the wild boar, with the stick, that he must take.

He crossed the channel, to the island green,

Where the wild pigs, their migration glean,

With eyes keen, he searched, day and night,

For the wild boar, that held his plight.

He searched the valleys, and the peaks,

Through the marshes, and the creeks,

He searched the swamps, and the bogs,

For the wild boar, with the stick, that was his cog.

He traversed the woods, and the forests dense,

Through the thickets, where the wild beasts wence,

He roamed the glens, and the moors so wild,

For the wild boar, with the stick, that would heal his child.

He climbed the mountains, and the hills so steep,

Through the rivers, and the rills so deep,

He walked the plains, and the meadows wide,

For the wild boar, with the stick, that was his guide.

And then, one day, he caught a glimpse,

Of the pig, with the stick, held firm in its lips,

He chased it down, with all his might,

to claim the stick, with all his right.

With determination in his heart,

He finally found the wild pig's part,

But the battle was fierce, and the fight was wild,

For the boar was strong, and the father was mild.

With all his strength, he battled on,

His daughter's health, his only dawn,

And in the end, he claimed his prize,

The magical stick, before his eyes

The wild boar's stick, a treasure rare,

With power great, beyond compare,

The father held it, with pride and glee,

His daughter healed, his heart set free.

"The quest is done, the cure in hand,

But alas, his daughter's life was no longer grand,

The father's heart, with sorrow and pain,

For the wild boar's stick, came too late, in vain."

"In a fit of grief and bitter woe,

The father broke the stick, letting out a moan,

And as the pieces fell to the ground,

The world around him, came crashing down.

The skies grew dark, and the earth did shake,

As the father's sorrow, began to break,

The stars did fall, and the oceans rose,

The end of all things, before his eyes chose

The winds did howl, and the fires did rage,

As the father's heart, with anger and rage,

He watched the world, crumble and fall,

And knew that his actions, caused it all

Though the world lay in ruins at his feet,

His heart was heavy with sorrow and defeat,

For his quest for the stick had brought about its end,

But his love for his daughter, would forever transcend.

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About the Creator

A. M. Barrett

I am a writer with a wide range of interests and experiences. My writing is characterized by a unique blend of creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

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