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The River's Song

Life by the river

By Dr. KrissPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The River's Song
Photo by matthew Feeney on Unsplash

Along the river, we flow and we grow

We face its twists and turns, its highs and lows

We learn from its history and mystery, its ebb and flow

We grow from its diversity and adversity, its friend and foe

The river is our journey, our adventure, our quest

We choose our own path and direction, our east and west

We play our own roles and characters, our hero and villain

We shape our own stories and narratives, our legend and lesson

The river is our challenge, our struggle, our race

We overcome its obstacles and dangers, its speed and pace

We show our own effort and courage, our skill and will

We achieve our own goals and dreams, our success and thrill

The river is our garden, our nurture, our grace

We cultivate its aspects and elements, its soil and space

We enjoy its flowers and fruits, its beauty and bounty

We witness its cycle and renewal, its birth and bounty

The river is our love, our bond, our heart

We value its connections and relations, its start and end

We give and receive, we share and care, we trust and respect

We love and live, we laugh and cry, we hug and kiss

Along the river, we flow and we grow

We follow its light and guidance, its lead and glow

We are the river and the river is us, we are one and whole

We are life and life is us, we are soul and goal

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