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The river of resilience

A gentle reminder

By AlbinPublished 26 days ago 1 min read
The river of resilience
Photo by Hugh Whyte on Unsplash

The river of resilience, it flows like a stream

A winding path of perseverance, that leads to our dream

A current of courage, that carries us through

A gentle reminder, to see our struggles anew

The banks of self-care, they nourish our soul

A haven of hope, that makes us whole

The waters of wisdom, they guide us along

A journey of healing, where our heart belongs

So let us wade, into the river of our strength

And trust its gentle flow, to carry us to new length

For in its depths, we'll find our own way

And a life of purpose, in a brighter day.


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A Psychologist of Life Experiences...

Delighted to have you ...

Much Love.

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