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The Rifle


By Ken Clepper Published 22 days ago 1 min read

"The gun initially thought the first shot was a bursting pipe, but soon realized the horrifying truth as more shots rang out. The teacher yelled for everyone to get down, tried to lock the door, but was fatally shot. The gun, in shock, texted its parents, apologizing for any trouble it may have caused, expressing love and gratitude. Trapped in the classroom, the gun was ushered into a closet with other frightened guns, anxiously awaiting news from friends. One response came, but another never did. After an agonizing hour, the door was kicked open, and the gun feared the worst. But it was rescued, emerging into a sea of cameras, and was finally reunited with its sobbing mother, embracing her tightly. The gun heard the usual phrases - 'thoughts and prayers', 'Second Amendment', 'Lone Wolf' - but still awaited a response from its friend, a response that never came."

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Ken Clepper

Versatile wordsmith and history buff: poet, author, essayist, and enthusiast of the past."

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