the revolution is a wheel

rolling forward

the revolution is a wheel

imagine a wheel

an old time wagon wheel with spokes

a fancy 1920's slung back convertible

your favorite bike with the playing cards

aced out

diamond fly

there's unlimited freedom with this here

this now

You choose

Your imagination is your mind's eye

You are the Creator

superimpose your wheel on the face of a clock

your own magical clock

painting upon the tire

your own beautiful sigil for peace

right at the nine

get ready to spin

your hour

your day




watch your sigil travel

as your wheel sweetly turns

it's rising forward from nine o clock

to three

so easily

so fresh

on it's way

on top of the hill at high noon

with a clear view of all around

but then

it feels the drop

slamming down into five o clock

careening backwords falling into six

narrowly escaping a backwards pull into 7

but striving up to 8

where it comes to rest again lifted

to the nine's

home safe where it all started

one spin of a wheel

covers the distance

of both halves of it's measure forward

there being no such thing as

darkness that negates light

or movement insignificant

to pure progress

Fear not dear Reader

or if you must needs do

know it as a service of defining

the power of Love

and yourself as a true warrior

of the true revolution

social commentary
Susan Loehe
Susan Loehe
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