my manners


keeping a civil tongue

is requested when dealing with the degenerate

an idea of civilized behavior

and restraint of condemnation

standing for nothing while

falling for everything

comes to mind starkly

Is this out of concern for the

prevention of darkness interceding, somehow?

that seems as if it doubts the cleansing, is born of fear

fails to recognize

humility strength and power in concern for our fellow human

as applied to improvement of a garden by identification and proper

composting of weeds, the dispatch of vermin or disease

I suppose it's an advocation for a non manicured wild nature

and thinking of it thusly gives comfort, renders some sense

As Mother Nature stalks through our lands

she is taking the lives of the racist proponents currently

who mindlessly

advocate for shallow genepools and ignore the science of


who like to gather in threatening crowds with big guns and morbid obesity

So it's beginning to look like it's very much attended to properly

the consciousness of insult and righteous indignation

is not nearly as powerful as she

yet the unification of us all, not only in love but in straight badassery

the version that takes no shit from bullies

that gleefully punches rapists in the mouth does still appeal greatly

it is just ego perhaps, a lack of gratefulness for blessings given

faithlessness, wanting to take over

the identity of Mother/Protector in myself

that feels wrong to ignore pedophilia,or the abuse of innocents

calling for homage

in the constant prayer of my sound and feelings chosen

a learned balance of great expectation validated through

an effort that holds the beauty of love above all and

worthy of defending and sanctuary both

in the name of freedom to speak one's truth

bless me, Mother, for I have not sinned,

but I will confess proudly and learn

well the skill of falling to fly.

nature poetry
Susan Loehe
Susan Loehe
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