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The Reason People Leave


By Bella MariePublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Reason People Leave
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My whole life i’ve never been hurt so much by anyone. You were my best friend. At least you were supposed to be. What about all those hours we spent on the phone? It was only when YOU wanted to talk. Only on your terms. What about all the tears shed? They were yours. Only YOU cried to ME. You never let me cry to you. All the jokes? They were yours. I was never funny to you. But I should be thanking you. You taught me something important. You taught me the reason people leave. And its not because they can’t handle relationships well, not because they’re dealing with too much. Its because they’re selfish. YOU’RE selfish.

- You dont have me around your finger anymore



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Bella Marie

15 years old. I write occasionally.

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  • Bella Marie (Author)about a year ago

    Someone read my stuff!! Please

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