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The Raven


By Peculiar BeautyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

In shadows deep, a raven's flight,

Silent wings cut through the night.

A messenger from realms unknown,

A harbinger with eyes like stone.

Its ebony plumes, a cloak of fate,

Echoes of a mysterious state.

In moonlit tales and whispered lore,

The raven's call, forevermore.

Through ancient forests, it takes its quest,

A guardian of secrets, never at rest.

Circling high in the midnight sky,

A symbol of omens, mystic and sly.

Feathers of darkness, inked with despair,

Yet beauty within, beyond compare.

A creature of omens, both dark and wise,

Gazing through shadows with knowing eyes.

The Raven perches on time's own door,

A symbol of endings, forevermore.

Cryptic whispers in its cawing song,

An enigma that's been there all along.

In the tapestry of night's embrace,

The Raven weaves its cosmic grace.

A creature of legend, soaring high,

In the poetry of the endless sky.

Beneath the moon's soft argent glow,

The Raven weaves a tale of woe.

Its beak, a quill dipped in midnight ink,

Writes verses of the abyss, on destiny's brink.

Wings outstretched in the celestial dance,

It navigates the cosmic expanse.

Through realms unseen, where shadows play,

The Raven charts an esoteric array.

Its call reverberates through the ages,

A symphony of mystic stages.

Each caw, a chapter in the cosmic tome,

A saga of secrets in the twilight zone.

In moonlit gardens of forgotten dreams,

The Raven perches, or so it seems.

Whispering verses in the zephyr's ear,

Unraveling tales that mortals fear.

An observer of life's ebb and flow,

A connoisseur of both joy and woe.

With talons sharp and eyes that gleam,

The Raven dives into the poet's dream.

In the inkwell of the night, it dips,

Penning sonnets with celestial tips.

Verses etched on the parchment of time,

A narrative woven in the fabric sublime.

It perches atop the ancient lore,

Guardian of stories, forevermore.

Its ebony gaze pierces the veil,

Discerning truths hidden, a timeless trail.

Yet, in the shadow's deep embrace,

The Raven finds a sacred space.

A nexus where beginnings entwine,

With endings in a dance divine.

Through the tapestry of destiny it weaves,

Threads of chance and what conceives.

A symphony played on destiny's lyre,

The Raven, the cosmic storyteller, entire.

As dawn awakens, breaking the night,

The Raven takes its final flight.

Yet, in echoes of its cawing rhymes,

A legacy lingers through countless times.

A feathered poet in the grand design,

In the corridors where destinies entwine.

The Raven's verses eternally sung,

In the tapestry of the cosmos, forever young.

In the amber glow of the morning sun,

The Raven's tale has just begun.

Its wings carry echoes of the night,

As it journeys into the dawning light.

Through realms of shimmering ethereal hue,

The Raven soars, a silhouette anew.

Its feathers, touched by the dawn's embrace,

Unravel tales of a celestial grace.

In valleys where dreams and reality converge,

The Raven chants a cosmic dirge.

A melody that resonates with the spheres,

A chronicle etched in celestial tears.

Upon the canvas of the azure sky,

The Raven's dance is a lullaby.

A cadence woven with stardust and air,

A narrative crafted with meticulous care.

As it crosses horizons, painting them gold,

The Raven's saga begins to unfold.

In whispered breezes and rustling leaves,

The continuation of the tale it conceives.

Through emerald forests and silver streams,

The Raven glides, the stuff of dreams.

Its ebony presence, a sublime thread,

Connecting the living to the ancestral dead.

In the kaleidoscope of life's vibrant scheme,

The Raven casts shadows like a spectral dream.

A witness to cycles, birth, and decay,

A sentinel guiding each soul's way.

On the precipice where eternity meets,

The Raven orchestrates celestial feats.

With wings that flutter in rhythmic rhyme,

It navigates the currents of space and time.

A cosmic minstrel in the grand cosmic show,

The Raven paints constellations in indigo.

Each feather, a verse, a cosmic rune,

In the boundless expanse of the cosmic dune.

As daylight matures and shadows recede,

The Raven's tale continues, an unbroken creed.

A poem inscribed in the celestial scroll,

A journey beyond the mortal soul.

And when the dusk veils the world once more,

The Raven returns to its cosmic shore.

To rest upon the crescent moon's crescent,

A mythic figure, forever present.

Thus, in the symphony of the universe,

The Raven's poem echoes, an eternal verse.

A saga written in starlight and shadow,

A timeless narrative that continues to grow.

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