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The Rascally Radcliffs!

The Husband the cheat, Wife a Steal, Kids The Riffraffs .They bicker and fight, they steal and cheat, With laughter and love, they weather the storm,

By Chuks Gad NwaigwePublished 3 months ago 2 min read
What! Mh husband...

Oh, gather 'round folks, let me spin you a tale,
Of a family so wild, they make a monkey's tail.

First up, we have the husband, a real ladies' man,
He's got a chick on his arm wherever he can.
Sneaking out at night, he's quite the charmer,
But his wife's no fool, she knows all the drama.

Speaking of the missus, she's a sneaky little thing,
With sticky fingers, she's the queen of bling.
She'll snatch your wallet when you're not looking,
And leave you scratching your head, wonderin' and booking.

Now onto the kids, a rowdy bunch indeed,
Riffraffs and rogues, there's no taming their greed.
They'll pick your pockets and swipe your phone,
Then laugh and run off, leaving you alone.

But here's the kicker, the twist in the tale,
Despite their antics, they never fail.
They bicker and fight, they steal and cheat,
But underneath it all, they can't be beat.

In their chaotic home, chaos reigns supreme,
But somehow, they make it all a dream.
With laughter and love, they weather the storm,
Their bond unbreakable, in any form.

The husband's flings and the wife's thieving ways,
Are just quirks of the family, where everyone stays.
The kids may be rogues, but they've got heart,
And when push comes to shove, they'll do their part.

Sure, they may not be your average clan,
But they've got each other, and that's the plan.
Through thick and thin, they'll stick together,
Come hell or high water, in any weather.

So raise a glass to this wild bunch,
Their antics and adventures, they're a hoot and a hunch.
For in their crazy world, they've found their bliss,
Living life to the fullest, with each stolen kiss.

For deep down, they love each other true,
Through thick and thin, they stick like glue.
So here's to the family, the crazy crew,
Living life to the fullest, no matter what they do.

And as the sun sets on another day,
They'll gather 'round the table, come what may.
With laughter and joy, they'll toast to the night,
For in their madcap family, everything's alright.

Hope you enjoyed this piece.
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    Chuks Gad NwaigweWritten by Chuks Gad Nwaigwe

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