The R Word - Final

by Zeke Elliott about a year ago in sad poetry

Trigger Warning

The R Word - Final

turn around again but now you watch what we get to keep on

the girl is running out

the rocky shoreline, and stop what we thieve


we want you

what’s the word - without a thing to say

you don't stop when girls own love

And we own them

we are experiences and emotions

we're going to recognize the world as it’s gone

different hearts beat on a cue to play and we know when you're working

you’re seventeen and

you choose from you

now you can’t


I don't care

we need it

you can

it’s all right

take in violation

don't spend a cent

wave after wave after time to recognize the magic

of youth

the opinionated taste of life

the colours dissolve on your tongue (disappear from your eyes)

hair in your mouth

today is a thread

born from a branch (dead with the wind)

no signs out the window

nothing to read into autumn

can you feel it

gazes of a thousand needles

mother’s tears gently hitting

your cheeks

the petrichor that you absorb

become pure again

curl your toes into the earth

it’s too late to experience


you were lucky

sad poetry
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