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The price

Every position in society comes with its own price.

By Roderick MakimPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read
The price
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Pesticide persuasion spewing forth from

Politicians plea-bargaining the future for the



Poison platitudes in ersatz

Politeness plotting policies to

Press their own advantage

Pooling all power in favour of the

Privileged those princes and

Princesses of wealth the one

Percent looking down from the

Precipice at the poor downtrodden in

Poverty and laughing at their

Plight. People forcefed micro-

Plastics til we burst while the brutal

Police press down polished boots on

People of too much interest and the slavish

Press prints endless

Praise for those who raise them and

Pay them and those

Plastic gloss editorials are

Performed and

Performed and



Pitched by those who think they can win if only they

Play by the rules of a game that awards no

Points for playing by the rules.


Poor fools. (Or)


Perhaps poor fool, I.

Pointlessly pirouetting around a burning world,

Plotting out stories no-one will read, reciting

Poems to empty rooms all the while

Pretending I’m better for knowing the game is rigged

Pretending to matter sending up empty

Prayers on ragged notepad

Paper for the world to be better.


Perhaps the

Pollution of our

Presumptions is


Permitted forever through our nature. (Or)


Perhaps Paris burning 1789

Public rage burning the march on the

Palais Royal, the Bastille the

People rising up can be something

Produced on need. Remember there is a

Price for every

Position in the world from

Pauper to

President and when the one

Percent forget the

Price they can

Pay when the

People refuse to accept the

Price we must

Pay and a fire is lit to make them remember the

Price the

Price the



Producing worldwide

Pressure to remember the

Price of worldwide burning.


Prayers rise like smoke in the air.

social commentary

About the Creator

Roderick Makim

Read one too many adventure stories as a child and decided I'd make that my life.

I grew up on a cattle station in the Australian Outback and decided to spend the rest of my life seeing the rest of the world.

For more: www.roderickmakim.com

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  • Madison Newton3 months ago

    There's an intensity in this that's a hard pill to swallow. Very moving. Well done!

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