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the pressure

by J.Francois about a month ago in performance poetry / inspirational
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Breaking the cycle

From pinterest

It's chaos

As we pray on

Perpetual war

What is all this for?

I must implore

Fighting to survive

We’ve all been deprived

This is how we’ve lived

Behind false screens

This is how we thrived

During unparalleled dreams

Struggling and juggling

To make ends meet

We find ways to lie and cheat

Woe is us

Woe is me

We’re so divided

Can’t you see?

Feigning smiles

While spewing hate

We are the fuel

That sets the world ablaze

Then doust it out

And continue the craze

Days like this

I start to wonder

All of life’s

Greatest blunders

Who are you

That makes you, you

Who am I…

I’m still trying to find

Aspirations to do good

Still, I feel misunderstood

My youth escapes me

As I try to flee

To a world

With a cure

To the sickness

With breathe

I’m lost in my fear

Spiraling from

Every critical tear

If you looked much closer

Then you could see

Were not so different

You and me

Ignorance runs wild

In the eyes of a child

Laughing loud laugh

Smiling wide smiles

If only adults weren’t full

With such wrath

But alas I digress

After much distress

To change for the better

I’ll be a trendsetter

To inspire the minds

For the thousands in line

To distinguish the flame

That shelters the shame

That we buried deep within

In order to win

I’ll continue to fail

But I’ll always prevail

And although I’m lost

I know the cost

To do nothing at all

Except sit and bawl

Is a crime in itself

Placed on oneself

So I’ll take the next step

And I’ll make sure I prep

Till the chaos

With live in

Is no longer a threat.

performance poetryinspirational

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Aspiring to be a healthcare professional to support underserved communities and give to those who don't have a voice! Also, someone who has a love for reading, writing, and so many more awesome things.

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