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The Power of the NO

I felt power when I told you no

By Amourè DeezyyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read
Sergiu Roman - unbearable childhood

I felt power when I told you no

Yes man, going when you say go

Making myself feel high, at an all-time low

Dead grass I was left to mow

New roots I was forced to grow

You asked me to catch a train about 20 stops away

If I was to leave at night, I’ll arrive by day

No, No, No I’m done

I wish a mother properly raised her son

Untethered now bitch, you got the right one

I was drowned by your waters so I headed for the sun

The load of this trauma had to weigh a ton

Let that be the last song you sung

I was wrong, I tried to deceive you

Everything I attempted just to please you

That’s weird that I couldn’t believe you

You already thought I wouldn’t leave you

So I branched out, yea grew like tree’s do

Be clear crazy this is not to tease you

I just want to know how many lives you bleed through

Maybe you so invisible that I only I could see you

Won’t deny I want you to live your life

I walked away once when you looked back twice

Guarantee I chose fate while you rolled the dice

Lucky777 did you not see it?

Too many awakenings to count I guess about three if

You allow me to count the times I died

Too many years our souls were tied

It made me stagnant, still, aloof

All I had was memory as proof

The cord was cut but it didn’t feel loose

A child was born not knowing about her dad

All those experiences you pray she never has -

I had,

Trauma residue on my brand new exterior

We all want to heal because it sounds superior

I don’t have to let you know

I felt power when I let it go

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    Amourè DeezyyWritten by Amourè Deezyy

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