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Out Grew Witches Brew

A poem to a Deception I once knew

By Amourè DeezyyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read
Kezia Harrell

Selflessness has just shipped and sailed to the next realm.

Clock reset in my mind because time does tell.

Ahh yes, fresh of the dreams they attempted to condemn.

The witches' work wasn't weak; all smiles leave it up to them.


Should I attempt to tell my story?

Speaking of the two-faced witch is pure glory

Tampered teas with plenty of glasses to pour me

Decepticon vibes intuition told me not to ignore thee


Numerous times you'd vent

Faulty times you spent

She studied the enemy often to become one

Envious of support because she's undone

The hasty woman figured she'd take some


What's my Sun? What's my Rising?

All of that was so enticing

Researching my birth and timing

Collecting info fake fraternizing


I did my best, I did my best.

Broken down me, yes in the flesh.

But the witch forgot to put these ashes to the test.


See me rise like, a phoenix.

I thought you were mature? Why did you have to double team it?

I must've appeared dark until my light triple beamed it.

I was treading through dark waters but you have never seen it.

See my potential but you could never deem it.


Jealousy fueled all your candle fires

Visions twisted enlisted couples prior

Your inner child needed an occult

Stunned by my essence triggered that part


Your sweetness drenched in bitterness

You're a sweet-tart, I'm a sweetheart

The black familiar was an issue

Its name rhymed with fish food


Monitoring my moves, aura, and energy

Serving you cost the poor thing its memory

My connection was protection, then it disappeared

You lost that thing on purpose you were really scared

The day you lit that candle is the day you made your bed

My silence is a virtue that's why nothing was said


She knows what they did that's all that matters

Guilt burns her throat, her life begins to shatter

Transmuting her evil spells to years of laughter


I used to think I didn't win

But isolation has been my friend

Strengthening my mental 1010

I appreciate your wickedness for this new lens


The balance restores and I've considered forgiveness

But an apology, offering, and explanation is of best interests

Consciously accountable for being senseless


Karma may not noose your soul

But please believe you'll pay the toll

Written kitten forward fold

Crossroads and sacs of coal


Considered defending and conjuring you a cake

But what you've awakened trust you cannot take

So guilt will possess you each day you wake


Alias baby where do I start?

Bayou baby it gets hard.

I was made among the stars.

Air sign baby I get far.

Daddy's daughter placement up to par.

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    Amourè DeezyyWritten by Amourè Deezyy

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