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The Narcissist's Guide to Creating a Great Poet

series #1

By Kelli Sheckler-AmsdenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The Narcissist's Guide to Creating a Great Poet
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Tell her she’s fantastic and you’ve never met one like her,

then critique the way she wears her hair and how she made your dinner


Tell her she’s your dream girl, and your better since she found you.

Then politely point out a tiny flaws, and say that they don't bother you


Go on and on about her looks, you can’t even look at another.

Then flirt with every women, pointing out how much you love her


Inundate, don’t let her breathe, convince her that she needs you.

Then tell her that you need some space, she’s overcrowding you.


Reassurance here is key, let her know you didn’t mean that.

Then undermine her apology, by shaking your head and laugh.


Buy her things she doesn’t need, say you want to spoil her rotten.

When she buys something on her own, say- you don’t appreciate what you’ve gotten.


Up and down and on and on, until her head is hazy.

Right to the edge you push her, so your friends think she is crazy


Push her away, then pull her back, it gets easier every day

She caters to you now, she’s in it, and you just came to play

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