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The Mushroom

Notice the little things... or you may go tumbling uncontrollably down a slippery slope.

By Jessica PhoenixPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
The Mushroom
Photo by Florian van Duyn on Unsplash

We were walking through the woods one day,

My dear friend Sarah and me,

Enjoying the sounds of nature;

The babbling of a brook and rustling of leaves.


All of a sudden I saw something ahead,

Something smooth with a rounded top,

I dismissed it without further notice,

Thinking it wasn’t worth having to stop.


But Sarah didn’t see and stepped on it,

And it burst into a cloud of fumes.

Then she started hacking and crumpled down,

All because of that mushroom.


I took her to the doctor,

They said she would get well soon,

And yet I couldn’t help but think,

Would that have happened if I noticed that mushroom?


Once Sarah healed she went to the skate park,

I rushed to the store to get her balloons,

I arrived too late and she’d fallen on her skates,

Would that have happened if I noticed that mushroom?


Sarah and I went camping once she was better,

We’d found a cheap cabin room,

But in the middle of the night our little campfire had spread;

Would that have happened if I noticed that mushroom?


We put the fire out but were banned for life,

We were cast out of the camp into the night’s gloom,

Then from the woods we were chased by a pack of wolves,

Would that have happened if I noticed that mushroom?


Our wounds healed a little while later,

And I called Sarah to my house for some yoga in the afternoon,

But she twisted her ankle and sprained her wrist,

Would that have happened if I noticed that mushroom?


We decided to lay low for the next few weeks,

To avoid causing Sarah’s doom,

But a snake managed to find her and bit her on the arm;

Would that have happened if I noticed that mushroom?


I went to see her at the hospital,

But it turned out that was the last time I ever would,

She passed away from her wounds that night,

Why had I ignored that mushroom?


This was all my fault; I knew it.

…But maybe it was something else’s too.

That night, I formed a plan in my head.

It was time to eradicate those mushrooms.


In the morning I strode back to the woods,

Axe in hand and flames in my mind,

These mushrooms would all be gone soon…

…But my rage had turned me blind.


As I arrived I seethed-

The mushroom had multiplied.

No matter- I’d simply kill them all,

I’d burn them with the fire in my eyes.


As I swung my axe downward,

I quickly realized my mistake,

But there was no time to turn back;

It was simply too late.


A puff of black smoke wafted over me,

And I realized it wasn’t smoke, but spores,

Maybe none of this would have happened

If that mushroom hadn’t been ignored.


…My eyes became quite foggy…

…Over me the black cloud loomed…

…And still… I couldn’t help myself from thinking…

…Would this have happened if I noticed that mushroom?


About the Creator

Jessica Phoenix

I like to dig deep into things and find out their true meanings, and while I don't always succeed, it's exhilarating to try.

I write for challenges sometimes, but you'll also find me writing little stories for fun.



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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran6 months ago

    I noticed that you've added the Humor tag. But I didn't find this funny. I felt so sad because it felt like the protagonist was experiencing a downward spiral where they felt so guilty for everything and kept connecting it to the mushroom that they ignored. I'm so sorry that I didn't see it the way you intended me to 🥺

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