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The moon is an object too

on objectification

By SemaraPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read

You can watch me

Like the moon

Full and luminous

Suspended above you

Larger than life

Cradled in the rich blue-black sky; my pedestal of night

Glittering stars adorn me

Dripped out

I mesmerize

And you can’t look away

Believing I look back

Does a galaxy gaze at a blade of grass? Or exist for the pleasure of an ant?

Yours is the folly of a grain of sand claiming a


How could I be made for your enjoyment?

My tidal forces move you because it’s my nature

Not my purpose

I wash you in light

Because that’s what celestial bodies do

So put away your eager, straining fingertips

And look


Worship even

But remember I am as made for you as the moon

And farther out of reach

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