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The Methylphenidate Paradox

Homage to Psychonauts and Whalers in Pursuit of Piercing Those Pasteboard Masks Disguising Truth

By Daniel SullivanPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Methylphenidate Paradox
Photo by Arvid Høidahl on Unsplash

The Ancient Talisman of Frankness

Is an adage of The Lamp--

Emboldening Lucifer's rebellion

Amids the ruptured calm of a once celestial peace,

Encrusted as a curative medallion

Of powder white confection

Mixed with false dyes of faint blue-green,

The darkened hues of darker magic,

Emerging now from evolution's tumult,

Forcefully, as a sparrow in the twilight,

Through the parting waves of Charley's primordial sea.

And Ahab pursued the singular white whale,

While Ishmael held fast upon Queequeg's coffin.

The Pequod's crew now are buried in the sea.

Ishmael floats on the surface of that doom

With Queequeg's carved death casket as his life-buoy.

And floats there, lightly, upon the surface of the deep.

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About the Creator

Daniel Sullivan

I am a writer, live storyteller, actor, advocate, civil rights enforcer, and nonprofit director, among other roles. Presently, my focus lies in translating my rich life experiences into the realms of fiction and creative nonfiction.

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