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The Subtle Tulip

In Recognition of the Flower of Our Inevitable Terminus

By Daniel SullivanPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
The Subtle Tulip
Photo by RoonZ nl on Unsplash

There is a subtle tulip

In the glade around the bend

With petals colored purple

To mark our journey's end

For purple is a pretty thing

A color that is neither blood nor snow

Nor is it the orange flame of anger

Towards which all humankind must go

It is the color of ambiguity unfurled

Opening to the universal light above

The burning stars that fuel the life force

In worlds above and worlds below

My Suzie plucked a tulip up

Upon our lonely nature trail

But that tulip just was not enough

For the trolley bellowing down the rail

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About the Creator

Daniel Sullivan

I am a writer, live storyteller, actor, advocate, civil rights enforcer, and nonprofit director, among other roles. Presently, my focus lies in translating my rich life experiences into the realms of fiction and creative nonfiction.

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