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"The Man Who Dreamed of Flying His Canoe: A Tale of Perseverance and Ingenuity"

A Tale of Perseverance and Ingenuity"

By korjrb hdjdjhPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

There once was a man from Peru

Who dreamed of flying his canoe

He fashioned some wings

And other such things

But instead he just fell in a blue hue

He tumbled and tossed through the air

With no thought or hope of repair

His canoe was in shreds

As he bumped on his head

And landed in a pile of despair

But he wouldn't give up on his quest

He wanted to soar with the best

He tried once again

With some help from a friend

But the outcome was just as depressed

He finally admitted defeat

And got back to paddling his fleet

He learned a tough lesson

That caused him to lessen

His dreams of a flying seat

So now he sticks to the water

And paddles his canoe like he oughta

He's happy as can be

With his simple decree

To stay grounded and not even bother.

But still, he couldn't quite shake

The desire to fly and partake

In the thrill of the sky

And the freedom to try

To soar and to never mistake

He thought and he tinkered away

Trying new things every day

Until he finally found

A contraption that astound

And took his breath clean away

He built a machine like no other

With wings that could lift him to hover

He strapped himself in

And with a grin

He lifted off like a flying brother

Up and up he flew without fear

His dream had finally come near

He soared through the sky

And let out a cry

Of joy that he held so dear

He flew over mountains and streams

Through clouds and sunbeams

And though it was odd

He felt like a god

Living out his wildest dreams

But as all things must come to an end

He knew he had to descend

He landed his craft

With a bit of a laugh

And knew he had found a true friend

For though his dream seemed so absurd

He refused to let it go unheard

He worked and he tried

Until he finally spied

A way to achieve what he preferred

So now he can paddle and fly

And sometimes he even tries

To build something new

And see what it can do

With his head in the clouds and the sky.

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