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The Madman's Tale

The Madman’s Tale - Nightmare Melodies Series

By CyCyPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
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The Madman's Tale

Please note that this horror poetic series is dark and purely fictional. In no way shape or form it glorifies violence and other horrible behaviours.

Reader discretion is highly advised.

There once was a young Bard

Who wrote songs by the sea.

Seduced by the calls of the Abyss.

Went mad in a heartbeat.

He stalked the night.

Hunting for new blood.

A knife for a quill.

A knife for each kill.

His melodies brought him fame.

Earned a seat by the Kings and Queens.

Brought him glory and victory.

Though his tale was ever so gory.

There once was a handsome Bard,

With a silver tongue that charmed

Every fair maiden and gentlemen.

They found themselves

Screaming in his bed

And below the ground

By the very next day.

There once was a talented Bard.

That sang of love and passion,

That tore into the hearts of the unsuspecting,

That he stalked throughout the eve.

There once was a wealthy Bard.

His coins aplenty.

His plate was ever so full

With forbidden meat and delicacies.

There was a Bard.

Who went mad by the sea.

Seduced by the siren's call for many years.

Hunted and killed at her mercy.

To the seas where he finally went.

To join the Devil that sang

Him melodies at the expense

Of the innocents he killed.

Hide your children, women, and men.

No citizen was safe.

By the seas where he wrote his songs.

By the seas where you'd hear his calls.

This is the Madman's Tale.

That traded his soul for songs,

That surely garnered fame,

Gold, and power,

At the expense of those

Who didn't live to tell the tale.


- - 

Hi, I'm CyCy!

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it!

This is the 6th and last poem of my horror/thriller poetry series called The Madman's Tale.

This came from a nightmare of mine where a bard "fell in love" with a siren. 

Although no one else had seen this fair maiden that he described in his songs, he was driven mad by the ideas of her.

Some say that she was just a figment of his imagination. Some say that it was the Devil who whispered into his ears in exchange for fame and gold. 

This siren or Devil was his muse.

Whichever it was, his obsession drove him into committing heinous and vile crimes. He stalked the night, preyed on unsuspecting victims, and eventually, he ate his only friend "to become one with him." However, I was not entirely sure if this "friend" was a real person or if he merely was the representation of his old self and conscience.

No one knew what happened to him in the end. Some said that he drowned himself in the sea.

And some said that he became the siren that lurked and lured others in the dark.

A true nightmare this was.

Shout out to one of my faves, Phoebus Apollo 🖤☀️

Thanks for singing these poems, guiding me with composing music, and showing me different types of art.

A true bestie here. xo

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