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Speak Softly to Me

The Madman’s Tale - Nightmare Melodies Series

By CyCyPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
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Speak Softly to Me

Please note that this horror poetic series is dark and purely fictional. In no way shape or form it glorifies violence and other horrible behaviours.

Reader discretion is highly advised.

Each string I strummed,

Each note,

Reverberated in my soul.

Each slash

That splashed ruby liquid

Painted my wicked songs.

I fed on the meat of men

Of women,

And of Gods alike.

Before me, laid a feast

With the crowned power

Right at the center of my palm.

Delicately designed,

So I may grace them with music

That even Apollo cannot sing.

They called me mad.

And maybe, I am.

Aphrodite is a wicked mistress

Who plagued me with this sickness.

You finally found me.

After decades of undying dedication.

I've forsaken the loyalty of my friend,

For you,

For your passion,

For this obsession.

Oh speak softly to me,

And let us feast,

Upon these bodies that were sacrificed

For your mercy.

Drink this crimson wine

That reeked of iron

Given unwillingly

By those who caught your attention.

By those who shared your throes of passion.

Speak softly to me.

Let me taste your cherry-red lips.

Let me feel your fingernails

Scrape against my skin.

Let me feel you,

So I can forget the aftertaste

Of my dearest friend

Served to me on a silver platter

As his final request

To become one with me.

Speak softly to me.

Oh please,

Speak softly to me.



Hi, I'm CyCy!

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it!

This is the 5th poem of my horror/thriller poem series called The Madman's Tale.

This came from a nightmare of mine where a bard "fell in love" with a siren. Did he know that she was a siren? We will see.

Shout out to one of my faves, Phoebus Apollo 🖤☀️

Thanks for singing these poems, guiding me with composing music, and showing me different types of art.

A true bestie here. xo

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