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The loss of you.

by Trisha Brandhorst 5 days ago in sad poetry
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A poem in loving memory of my grandmother.

The loss of you.
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Tears are falling

heart is aching,

slowly but surely

my heart is breaking,

How do you let go of

someone you hold so dear,

how do you begin to say goodbye

when all you want is to hold them near?

Reliving memories of the past in my mind,

I keep playing them over and over stuck in rewind,

Wishing I could bring it all back

why couldn't you stay?,

But the truth is I know why....

heaven needed their angel back home today,

So we may weep and wish we had another day,

But what we need to always remember

Is you were a true angel on this earth

and angels aren't meant to stay.

Written by Trisha Brandhorst

In loving memory of Alta Grace Murrin

sad poetry

About the author

Trisha Brandhorst

I’m 41, happily married and have two boys& a step daughter. I love to write, spend time With family, travel & meet new people. I love animals. The beach is my favorite place in the world.

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  • Donna Harrisabout 23 hours ago


  • I love it!

  • Thank you all so much for your love& support. Please feel free to read my other works as well. I'll be checking out each& every one of your sites as well. Thank you

  • I love that this tribute isn't married to one rhythm, but dedicated to the prose. Lovely poem! My heart goes out to you. ❀

  • David Thomas4 days ago

    I am a poet also you should read some of my poems whenever you get the chance too.

  • David Thomas4 days ago

    Great poem and keep on writing.

  • Elena d L5 days ago

    So beautifully written. "... angels aren't meant to stay..." πŸ™πŸ½

  • Toby Heward5 days ago

    It was a very heartfelt poem. I lost my grandmother 2 years ago to cancer and she was very dear to me. I know she is in a better place now, so don't fret. She will always be able to help you along the long road that is life.

  • My grandmother passed when I was quite young, & I still have vivid memories of her even though we didn't have many years together. This is a beautiful tribute to your own. Thank you for sharing. Sending you warmth.

  • Beautifully written. Lost my grandpa about a year ago and this explains everything I feel.

  • Paul whiddon 5 days ago

    Beautiful poem. Love this!!!

  • Very lovely. A moving tribute.

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