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The Light at the End of the Tunnel


The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Beyond the long dark tunnel, I’d hoped to find a light

But it seems that from my anguish- there’s no reprieve in sight

The light was just the frigid moon that glared into my grave

My love was master of my heart, but I was just his slave

I showed up bruised and broken then was crushed beneath his heel

I’d hoped that love would heal me, but it seems love isn’t real.

For far too long I worshiped him, but I was null and void

He once was my addiction-- my drug, my opioid

As agonizing years went by, I fought to earn his love

He constantly assured me that I’d never be enough

I gave him everything I had, and all I ever was

But everything’s gone up in smoke. Now all is lost, because

I took too long to realize, I've always been alone

There’s no capacity for love within his heart of stone

How could I not have seen them, all the signs there from the start

Through every tortured beating of the shards that were my heart

My world now lies in ruins, in ashes and decay

I wish for sweet oblivion but lack the breath to pray

Here in Hell and chaos, in retrospect I see

Here in my apocalypse, there’s nothing left of me

Crawling back to my abyss, the earth pulled o’er my head

I’d hoped to finally rest in peace- except I’m not quite dead

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