The Knowledge

by Sarah Hopper about a year ago in surreal poetry

A Poem

The Knowledge

In a dream I saw the universe far and wide

And I saw myself traveling the stars

I was searching and seeking only I cried.

I discovered all the battles and scars

Time ceases to exist in outer space

As i am traveling alone in the cosmos

I carry on as I keep a steady pace.

I later met the being called Thanatos

Which in Greek means death.

Death smiled at me and said to me

“Child your time will come just take a breath.

I am here to teach you can't you see?”

Death wasn’t here to take me I realized.

So I ask “What is my lesson today?”

Death walked me through a gated pathway.

He proceeded to show me many things.

He showed me losses along the way

He showed me my gains from the stings.

In the end he taught me the need of death.

Death said his farewells to me

His parting words “Child you are a warrior.

Never lose sight of your scars.”

Then he vanished into the space.

I kept searching as I continued.

Seeing stars and keeping my pace.

I soon ran into a new being

Who shone brightly as the sun.

“Hello I am Arianrhod. I am life.”

So I asked her “Are you here to teach me?”

“Indeed child I am. I see so much strife.”

She bestowed a kiss on my cheek

Then proceeded to teleport me.

She showed me many things.

Some pleasant others painful.

In the end she showed me life.

As she bid her farewell she spoke softly

“Child your spirit is broken

I saw pain and strife in you

I do hope you take this token

For what you learned inside you

In time Death will come again for you

Tomorrow is a brand new day

Your time now is to live life.

May knowledge pave your way

Soon you won't have any strife.

Your spirit will recover fully, trust me

Just know this, love is the vital key.”

Next thing I know I awoke in my bed

The knowledge of what transpired

Held closely and dearly inside my head.

The knowledge of life was acquired.

surreal poetry
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