The Human Condition

T-shirts and Swimming Pools

The Human Condition

Swimsuits filled with odd shaped holes

But a T-shirt covers my stomach rolls

Sun-kissed skin and sun-bleached hair

But my cellulite is everywhere

Sharp keen eyes and strong ass thighs

Yet all I do is compromise

How I look it’s not a sin

All I want to do is swim

A Celestial Grave

Step off the beach

And step into the dark, starry waters

Do you feel the cold unforgiving waves?

Still bloody after their slaughters

They reflect something so unreachable

That it becomes something beautiful

For we all want

What we can’t have

So we submerge ourselves with the galaxies

And let the cosmos steal our last bubbling breath

As we slowly sink under the waves of this world

Waiting for a celestial death

Like a heavy pair scared, aliened hearts.

Let's hope the numbing pain of heartbreak and loss

Will slowly suffocate along with us

We are being crushed

Under the pressures of perfection

Most without hope of a resurrection

This is a genocide

Of the mind

And of all those who were kind

The cold teeth of ignorance will surly kill us

Because the media sugarcoats

Because our parents don’t know how to raise us

Because we have teens slitting their throats

With the rest of us sitting here taking notes

Using their last words as quotes

They say that beauty is only as thick as the skin

Tell that to the corpses

Floating on what could have been.

The Washed Away

we set fire to our insides

and we extinguish its flames

so that nothing is left

nothing remains

except the dripping wet coals

everything else was washed away

in the waters

the ever moving

the ever changing

the ever vast waters

the waters of time

the waters of life

Nothing is more present and yet

so fleeting


In a quest to be different

They all became

the same

surreal poetry
How does it work?
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